Irreversible EP

by Entertainment Law

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Old homeless lady is on the patio of the penthouse suite of a beachside condo. Despite the sweltering afternoon sun beating down, she is bundled up as if she's spending the night on the cold streets of a city. She peers through binoculars towards the beach and gazes at a young woman, early twenties, sunbathing on the sand. The young woman is reading a magazine. It's a scientific periodical featuring an interview or essay by Neil DeGrasse Tyson. The magazine shields her line of sight to a mysterious character floating on the water less than a hundred feet away. It's a young man in a suit sitting in a small folding chair on a yolo board. His skin is solid pink, cartoonish. Suddenly, he begins to sing a song. He's playing a small drum set as he sings and floats in place. His cymbal is a yucca leaf and his drum sticks are also vegetation. Out of nowhere, two twin weener dogs approach the young woman. They tie her to the sand with small ropes. She is probably startled although she doesn't look it. The weener dogs present her with a contract. She is confined in such a position that it would be impossible for her to read the document but some force is compelling her hand to pick up the quill, dip it into a jar of fish blood and sign. The man on the yolo board continues to sing and play the small drum set. The ropes are released and the young woman, still lying on her back, slides across the sand and into the water disappearing into the microwaves. Water is splashing around. It is uncertain what has become of the young woman. Oh, there she is underwater! I think that's her. Is she swimming or is she being propelled by some other force? Finally, she launches like a rocket in slow-motion out of the water onto a yolo board. She's fully clothed in a dress, completely dry and appears to be in a subtle but intensely euphoric state as she paddles around. The weener dog is with her now, aboard the yolo board. It's the essence of the SoCal lifestyle at it's most bewitching. At one point, she goes so far to encounter a floating hot tub full of drunks. However, somehow and for some inexplicable reason, reality begins to waiver and weaken. It is still intact, by and large, but there is some hint of it beginning to flickr or perhaps tumblr away. The water is glowing turquoise now. It's dusk, and she's at a pool party. What's wrong with this picture? People are having fun in the hot tub. The dogs are there. The dogs! Technological breakdown. The dogs are in an elevator. A shower head is spurting out water. The dog leaves the bathroom and is in a room with shag carpet. It's foggy and dark in the room. Light's flickr. The dog now makes out a figure sitting behind a desk. The desk is the only furnishing in the room. The dog thinks it's the old homeless lady sitting behind the desk. There is some word painted on the wall behind her. Yes, it is, in fact, the old homeless lady. Now she reaches out to pick up a quill but her hand is youthful and slender. She dips the quill in the jar of fish blood and writes something on a piece of paper. It's hard to tell but they are the lyrics that the drummer on the yolo board was singing before. She places the page in a paper shredder but shredded meat falls into the wastepaper basket with a plop. Two dead fish are there too. Now the dog looks at the lady but it is the young woman. She is dressed elegantly and she looks back at the dog. The dog doesn't move. The young woman begins to smile at the dog but reality holds still with the picture of her face. The picture of her face is seen on the screen of an iPhone held by a man sitting on the toilet in a dirty truck stop bathroom. He's using Tinder. We can't see his face. He swipes left as he always does, and shits.

Evan Backer ---- Sunday January 4, 2015


released March 20, 2015

Music and words by Evan Backer
Performed by Evan Backer and Tyler Nuffer
Recorded by Tyler Nuffer at the Missing Beaver Ranch, Ridgway, CO
July 28 & September 29 - October 4, 2014
Mixed by Tyler Nuffer at Santas Mamma Monica, Santa Monica, CA
Mastered by Jeff Peters at The Pie, Pasadena, CA
October 24, 2014



all rights reserved


Entertainment Law Los Angeles, California

Entertainment Law are living by the ocean but rarely see the sea.

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Track Name: Loveout
Don't pull your loveout on me baby
If you do I might just maybe
Watch me pull me down
And take me all away

Fulfill the fare now for the ferry
For you will I don't fear
Take my side another time
Why lie myself to die?

I don't care where and I don't know why
All the minutes in the hour never seem to see today
Life is gone there's nothing left so close your eyes and fade away
Open gaze up at the sky one last time

Consult the old man for some money
Go to dinner with me honey
We'll go to Ruth's Chris
And spend it all away

Do your hair up nice and pretty
Make your clothing true and gritty
We're going to crucify a monkey
And parade it around now

You may throw up
I will throw down
Track Name: Microwave Man Abridged
Microwave man is grinning from ear to here
Microwave man is grinning from snout to snout
Will you cough out a trout?

He has the nose of a pig
To him the waves look big
He's skimming across the final frontier
Grinning, of course, from ear to rear

A submarine, he's on top
Watch him sop the sea up with a mop
Wringing it out
Back into his snout
He looks swollen for a moment and then coughs out a steaming hot trout
The trout says "it was nice in there but thank goodness I'm out
Thought I slipped into a void but it was just a shadow of a doubt"

Atop the great below
He's taking a ride
Poseidon waves hello
Microwaves goodbye

Look, you upset him
He's being persecuted by all the moms
The nutritionists are all up in arms
Vitamins are getting jumbled up at the molecular level
Track Name: 99942 Apophis
There isn’t anything I haven’t always been afraid of. In the morning, evening comes and then San Diego, where’d the day go? Tell me something factual or even make something up. Engineering falls behind and the show biz kids are out of business. So, when the tidal wave appears, I hope you’re shredding it up. Hair in the breeze, dodging the palm trees.
Track Name: Irreversible
River's flowing backward
Back where it just came from
It's irreversible

Climbing up the mountain walls
Soon it will turn back to snow
It's irreversible

You can't reverse
It's irreversible to tattoo words onto the boy

Magpie flying backward
Black and white in the morning light
It's irreversible

That dang blue heron's looking red again
Same old sky but you say bye bye

Everything you've ever thought has been inversed
In verses of our songs we sing
We have seen the
Worst is yet to
Come here deer
Lay your head beside me

Teetering on
The edge of what
Can't be reversed

In reverse
A bull sees red
To rip into the flesh
After the words have drifted away
To rhyme
With the passing of time